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St Anthony Parish
409 W Columbia Ave
Belleville, MI 48111
Phone: (734) 697-1211 Fax: (734) 697-6217
A Parish of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit MI

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Mass Schedule
Saturday - 6pm
Sunday - 8am, 10am, 12noon
Monday - Wednesday & Friday - 8am 
Thursday - 6pm
Holy Days - 8am and 7pm
Labor Day, Memorial Day & the 4th of July - 9am

Saturdays: 2:30 - 3:30pm & immediately following 6pm Mass
Also available by private arrangements.  To schedule a private time of reconciliation, please contact the parish office
at (734) 697-1211

Travel Plans??
If you have any plans to travel in the future, check The Catholic Directory for churches, mass times, bulletins and more!  On the web at 

Opportunities for Faith Formation

Christian Formation
Programs are available for youth pre-school age (3) through the 8th Grade.  Please contact our program coordinator Karen Abramowicz at 699-3373 ext. 12 or via email to for more information about enrollment.

Youth Groups 
Calendars for youth group meetings both middle and high school are in the planning!  Please contact the Youth Minister, Heather Frank, at 734-699-3373 ext.10 or via email to for more information.

This program is designed for those interested in joining the Catholic Church or completing your sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation.  For further information contact Sr. Juliana at 734-697-6661 or Kathleen Nyeste at 734-699-8841
Opportunities for Growth and Fellowship
St. Anthony offers several different groups that offer Christian
fellowship and growth while strengthening the parish family and community we live in.  Listed below you can find contact information of the group that is just waiting for you!

Catholic Youth Organization
  Leonard Szweda, 734-699-3519,
Mens Club:  
  Brian McClinton, 734-697-9415
  Rachel Faitel, 734-697-2988
Strawberry Festival:  
  Sharon Pokerwinski, 734-461-0989
St. Theresa Circle:       
  Judy Quinn, 734-699-6817                  
St. Vincent dePaul:     
Contact the rectory at 734-697-1211
Welcome Team:    
  Mary Herring, 734-697-4835
Youth Ministry:     
  Heather Frank, 734-699-3373
Young Adults:       
  Joyce Bujak, 734-697-3879

Online Intentional Giving Program
Online giving is a convenient contribution choice for many people.  St. Anthony is pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to make that choice.  For more information or to enroll in the online option please see the sidebar on the left for an online link.

Sponsored Community Organizations
St. Anthony sponsors several community organizations:

Boy Scouts:            
  Michael Loria, 734-260-9662
Junior Scouts:        
  Martin Church, 734-834-4282
Cub Scouts:           
  Theresa Dore, 734-697-1492
American Heritage Girls:  
  Rachel Faitel,734-697-2988 

Girl Scouts:             
  Cindy McRitchie, 734-787-0191
Alcoholics Annonymous:  
  Call 734-697-1211
for schedule

Did You Notice the Sidebar?
The sidebar has links to other pages with a variety of information from contact information for parish staff, pdf versions of past bulletins, directions to the parish, a registration form, links to search sites such as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the official website for the Archdiocese of Detroit, and much more.




Mission Statement
The Faith Community of Saint Anthony Parish, Belleville,
open to the Spirit as disciples of Jesus Christ,
envision our mission as Proclaiming, Witnessing
and Celebrating the Kingdom of God among us
through Service, Healing and Reconciling Love.


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Monthly Parish Calendar
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